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VeniceW SS21: Age of the Copper Apple

“Age of the Copper Apple” is a collaborative animation with Thai-American artist Venice Wanakornkul for her most recent collection (SS21) as part of her New York Fashion Week presentation launched on the CFDA Runway 360 site. The animation intends to show a peek into the undiscovered world of VeniceW. The world is populated with personified pieces of her collection (Flying bag, Bobtail shoes). The storyline and initial direction were created by Wanakornkul, and the final direction and environment creation were my decisions.
The assets and animation were made in Blender. Texturing of the assets were in Substance Painter. Rendered with Cycles. Post in After Effects. Music purchased from and sound effects from
Description by VeniceW.
The animation is the digital transition event between VeniceW two collections, SS21, “Discovery of Ancient Apple 2020” and the previous “Introduction To Tissue City 2019” , fashion presentation held in the middle of New York’s Chinatown on 11th September 2019 where models were dressing in VeniceW Tissues and Cotton Pads inspired outfits, queuing up in front of inflatable portaloo / VeniceW Gate that never open. Bobtails Shoes, round-shape shoes inspired from bobtail cats and Pigeon Bags, bag with eyes were the pioneer of VeniceW animal-like items.
What’s behind the gate? In the animation, the gate open and welcoming audiences to see what it might look like if VeniceW were to existed 8 millions years ago. Mini Paper Outfits and Flying Bags were gathering around a pool of water. Is it a pond? or a toilet ? or is it the wishing well ? What are they wishing for?
Animation by Audr3y X Story by Venice Wanakornkul